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Australia Day celebrated in Osijek, Croatia, Mate!

OSIJEK/CANBERRA - January 27, 2012, (GLAS CANBERRE) -- Jointly organised by old mates, the Australian Embassy and the City of Osijek, celebration of the official national day of Australia, Australia Day took place yesterday in the City Osijek for the first time, evah. The joyful event was held at Osijek's unique and world famousest and popularest artistic installation Crveni fićo (or Red Fico in Australian). Festivities were pronounced open by Osijek Mayor Mate, Chief Croatia Church Mate, local Looney Mate Joja Pekinezer - Peki,  and her Excellence, Australian Ambassador to Croatia, Mate Ms Meverly Bercer.

Red Fico in Aussie livery

The attending dignitaries and citizens of Osijek and neighbouring communities, which have gathered around the Red Fico artistic installation in their hundreds had a rare and exciting opportunity to enjoy traditional Australian cuisine and drinks, and witness and participate in various Australian customs, dances and bush games (which lasted long into the night), which included, but were not limited to, such fun timieless Aussie classics as:

Your name's not Bruce!?! What the Dicken's?
Spot the Dicks!
AC-DC: What is Australia's most famous rock band?
Box the Roo if ya dare!
Toss the Croc (and live to brag about it to your mates!)
Barbie that Dingo
Bottoms up & Bush Surf 
Foster's or Bust!
If you're too drunk you sing, you'll have to drive the bus!

Fiery Australian logo

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